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Rosemary Eichorn

What comes around

“Beauty is its own excuse for being”

I copied this statement from a blackboard a few days before I graduated from the Textiles and Clothing department in college during the tumultuous ’60’s. As a six year old Midwestern farm child, the fascination of sewing captivated me like smart phones captivate kids today. Using a sewing machine for practical purposes such as clothing and decorative accessories for my home, was one of the earliest skills I learned from my home-ec teacher mom. Fortunately, a mid-life identity crisis led me back to my sewing machine and opened my eyes to the possibilities of using it as an art tool.

Once I discovered that I could break the rules of what I’ve come to call “grown-up sewing” I started exploring new possibilities. I could stitch backward as well as forward, I could have raw edges instead of perfectly turned appliquéd edges, and I could draw with thread over the surface of fabric using free motion stitching. From these explorations ‘The Art of Fabric Collage’ (Taunton Press) was born 20 years ago. My book was written for my students who wanted an expansion of the textile techniques I’d developed to create wall hangings and art-to-wear. Its publication opened the door to teaching and lecturing for quilt guilds and sewing clubs across the US and in France and Finland.

I’m delighted to have retired to Grants Pass, during these tumultuous times, where I can pursue “creating beauty” and not make any excuses!