Audition Notice for Pride and Prejudice

Adapted from the Jane Austen novel by Jon Jory
Directed by Tricia Drevets
Audition Dates -- June 18 and 19 at 7 p.m. at Barnstormers
Show dates -- Sept. 7-23 at Barnstormers

Our production will be a fresh and fast-paced adaptation that is true to Jane Austen's beloved novel. Some smaller roles (including a few not listed here) will be double cast. All ages are approximate. Auditions will be cold readings from the script. Please bring a headshot and resume if you have them. While some acting experience is preferred, a knowledge of the novel and an enthusiasm for bringing these characters to life will be a great asset in the audition. No accents required for the audition.


Mr. Bennet (50-65) Patriarch of the Bennett family. Understands the manners of the age but has a great sense of irony and humor. Devoted to his daughters and his wife.

Mrs. Bennet (50-65) Mother of five girls. She wants the best for all of them but her public manners can be embarrassing to her daughters.

Jane Bennet (22) Eldest of the Bennet sisters. Shy, sweet, well-mannered and sees only the best in everyone she meets.

Elizabeth (Lizzie) Bennet (20) Second eldest. Well-read, outspoken, funny, intelligent and sees life with more skepticism than her older sister.

Mary Bennet (18) Middle sister. Always reading but she notices more than she lets on.

Kitty Bennet (17) Wants to be seen as an individual but tends to be overshadowed by her younger sister.

Lydia Bennet (16) Talkative, brash and tries to be perceived as more mature than she is.

Mr. Bingley (25-27) A well-mannered, warm and friendly gentleman who rents Netherfield Park.

Mr. Darcy (27-30) A wealthy friend of Mr. Bingley. He is handsome, witty and intelligent but socially aloof.

Caroline Bingley (22) Mr. Bingley’s snobby sister.

Charlotte Lucas (21-25) Lizzie’s good friend and confidante.

Mr. Wickham (25-30) A soldier who knew Darcy when they were both younger.

Mr. Collins (30s) A foolish parson who is a distant Bennett cousin. 

Lady Catherine DeBourgh (60s) Mr. Darcy’s aunt who is certain no one is good enough for their family.