Audition Notice

DOGSBREATHDogsbreath Devereaux, The Dastardly Doctor or…Nurses! Foiled Again!
By Billy St. John
Director: Amelia Caldwell
Stage Manager: Janine Jacobs

June 4th and 5th, 6pm at Brighton Academy. Cold reads from the script, come prepared to have fun! Casting will be concluded the 5th and a Meet & Greet will be held the 6th, the following day where scripts will be handed out and we’ll do a full read through.

Will start June 11th, and run Mon-Wed 6-8pm weekly up until opening week, at which point we will run Mon-Thurs 6-8. Please allow for some flexibility if we find ourselves needing to add any Thursday rehearsals sooner. We did not last year, and indeed finished early many nights, but always better safe than sorry!

Show Dates:
August 3rd, 4th, 5th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 17th, 18th, 19th. Evening shows on Friday and Saturdays, and a Matinee on Sundays.

Nurses! Or is that… curses? Shoot, I forget.

Curses! Another melodrama is headed our way, and this time things are a changin’ in the wind. We will be holding open auditions for all roles in June, come give us your best hoot and holler for the most fun you’ll have all summer, guaranteed!

This year our show is called: ‘Dogsbreath Deveraux, the Darstardly Doctor or… Nurses! Foiled again!’: In the Hanover D. Cash Hospital, somewhere in the South, all is not as it seems. The dastardly Doctor, Dogsbreath Deveraux himself, seeks to marry the wealthy widow Lotta Cash only to do away with her to gain control over her entire fortune. With some help from his menacing counterpart Hilda Hatchet, can the brave hero Dr. Phil Good and nurses of Hanover D. Cash clinic stop the terrible villain from succeeding in his terrible plan?

With a lightweight rehearsal schedule, and a fun time for all, we want YOU yes YOU to come on down and try out for one of the following roles!


Dr. Dogsbreath Deveraux: A smarmy, scheming, lecherous villain with a mustache nearly as twisty and terrible as his heart. Male, any adult age.

Nurse Hilda Hatchet: A mean, ugly inside and out nurse who has her heart and claws on Dr. Dogsbreath Deveraux. Female, 30+ but flexible.

Nurse Wendy March: Our heroine! She’s pretty, innocent, an honor to her profession, and pure as the driven snow… whatever that means. Female, 20-30s but flexible.

Dr. Phil Good: Our hero. Handsome, noble, a good guy in name and deed. Male, 20-30s but flexible.

Nurse Ivy Dripp: Kookie, not too bright, takes her orders very literally and becomes Wendy’s best friend. Female, 20-30s but flexible.

Lotta Cash: The wife of the late Hanover D. Cash, she’s a wealthy widow whom Deveraux plans to wed. Female, 30+.

Orderly Ward Helper: Ivy’s boyfriend, a big guy and a big heart, endearing but perhaps laughably slow. Male, 20+.

Trixie St. James: From Brooklyn, a dancer at Molinksi’s Burlesque theater. She comes as a patient, but stirs up more than a little trouble. Female, 20+.

Brother/Sister Sunbeam: A minister who shows up conveniently in time to perform a marriage ceremony… but whose side is he really on? Male or Female, any age.

Officer Tommy Gunn: A big man with big authority, can he stop our dastardly villain before it’s too late? Male, 20+.

Patients: There are six patients who have brief appearances in the show with various issues, we may cast individuals for these roles or cast one person for a wild and wacky role as all six patients!

Announcer: There is also an unseen role, who will be pre-recorded before the show! This is a voice only role and you will not actually be needed during the run of the shows, but you will get to barrage the audience with a truly terrifying number of awful puns.

*Note* We are willing to consider double casting, if any who audition are going to be gone for a show or multiple shows, for the right people! The flexibility of the melodrama makes this easy and sometimes fun.